Address: Graz, Bürgergasse 1. 8010 Austria
Regarding the exact parameters and data of the site, please find the attached information.

The site is a long-term lease; the lessor is the Dom Capital (Abbey of Graz).

Dom Capital (Abbey of Graz) entered into a 25 year long guaranteed lease agreement with the Trust of our Group regarding the seat of our Company.

Therefore, the group receives and enjoys the legal guarantees and assurances of the religious institutions.
Our seat and our branch has a great and central location in the castle area of Graz (in the former palace of the archbishop) and receives the autonomy guaranteed to religious institutions in Austria (similar to diplomatic autonomy and exemption).

2. Activities, services

  •  Commercial trade representation (promotes the commercial interests of a legal entities (such as a companies, partnerships, manufacturers, funds, etc…) in a foreign capital.)
  • Display of products and services as per the request of the partners (Visual merchandising is the practice of displaying products to help customers find what they want and encourage larger purchases.)
  • Organizing meetings with potential customers, contractors
  • Organizing conferences relating to the products, or services of partners
  • Safety deposit boxes on site (also called Safe deposit boxes which are individually secured containers (1390 pcs), held within a larger safe vault. Safe deposit boxes are used to store valuable possessions, such as gemstones, precious metals, currency, marketable securities, important documents (e.g. wills, property deeds, or birth certificates), that need protection from theft, fire, flood, tampering, or other perils.)
  • Anonym Treasury services
  • Secured IT servers with World-art security storage system (The World-Art high-tech IT computer deposit system held in the safe vault under the operational headquarter in Graz)
  • Traditional English trust functions and asset management (According to Anglo-Saxon law, trust is an effective instrument of tax planning, asset protection and its conveyance by inheritance, which has been used for centuries in England and other countries of common law.)
  • Auctions on art treasures, works of art
  • Additional incomes: investments in project companies and market facilities
  • Online auctions (global)
  • Low risk Investment Services
  • Retirement Planning Services / Options
  • Economical diplomatic immunity under the Anglo-Saxon commercial structure


3. Company Structure

CCG LC LTD. (IBC / UK) (registration no.: 9665149). The company is a nonprofit legal entity under the Anglo-Saxon law. The company is under the legislation of UK, and has international registration.

G.L.V.F. Foundation is the sole owner of the company (PA 2010.01.13. / 39938) (Nonprofit)



  • 1 person head representative
  • 1 person as deputy to the main representative
  • 1 person acting as treasurer
  • 1 person secretary
  • 1 person hostess
  • 1 person acting as courier (driver)
  • 1 person security service leader
  • In case of any need thereof, professional subcontractors are available

4. Taxation

Due to the international regulation, the representation activities relating to foreign entities do not form a basis for taxation. Therefore, our company as a non-residential entity in Austria is not under a scope of local taxation; however, our Austrian trade partner is able to issue an invoice on services, and pays the local taxes.

5. Annual budget

  • The costs of the lease and the term of the lease
  • 24.000 EUR, 25 year long term lease

6. Investments

Proposed amount of investment:

  • 12.000.000 EUR

Guarantees and securities relating to the investment:

  • Liability insurance, real estate and movables can serve as securities Calculated ROI is 10,21% (please see Cash-Flow calculation in Annex 1.)

7. Future Activities

Future expansions:

  • With the head of responsible representative, it is a further goal to establish local Branch Offices in other